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  Handpieces Bien Air

Bien Air

Bora with and without light - 3 sprays

With its new pearl grip profile offering easy maintenance and its ceramic ball bearings, the Bora turbine is built to last. Already renowned for its ruggedness, Bora now offers longer life, increased power and even quieter operation thanks to the new ceramic ball bearings.

The triple-spray diffuser with three separate air-water ports ensures optimum bur cooling. The large anti-heat push button facilitates fast bur change. The monobloc optical glass rods and the anti-retraction valve on the water supply are designed to resist numerous sterilisation operations. Speeds up to 306,000 rpm, recommended air pressure 2.5 to 2.7 bar.

Bora LK, all the advantages of the Bora L for MULTIflex® Kavo® coupling.

Required air pressure 3 bar.



Prestige with and without light - 3 sprays

Prestige is fitted with a small-sized head specially designed for very delicate work and where access is difficult. Constantly improved, it now offers a very long, reliable life and is even quieter. Its new pearl grip profile facilitates maintenance.

The triple-spray diffuser, with three separate air and water ports, ensures optimum bur cooling. The anti-heat bur locking mechanism, monobloc optical glass rods and the water anti-retraction valve are designed to withstand multiple sterilisation. Speed of rotation up to 315,000 rpm on ceramic ball bearings; required air pressure 3.25 bar.



Gyro with and without light - 3 sprays

The Gyro turbine has a very long life, due to the air bearings, which avoid friction. It operates at 490,000 rpm on a cushion of air. The new pearl grip profile facilitates maintenance and the triple-spray diffuser, with three separate air-water ports, ensures optimum bur cooling. Bur locking mechanism by friction system (FG) or by screw chuck. The monobloc optical glass rods and the water anti-retraction valve are designed to withstand repeated sterilisation. Gyro turbines require no particular maintenance; cleaning with Spraynet is recommended.

Required air pressure 3.5 to 4 bar.


Contra-angle handpieces  

High-precision contra-angle handpieces


The three Bien-Air contra-angles can cover most dental practitioners' requirements. Driven by the MX or MC3 motor and controlled by a high-tech microprocessor-based electronic control system, their speed can vary smoothly, depending on their transmission ratio, from 2 rpm to 200,000 rpm.

These contra-angle handpieces are available in versions with internal or external spray, with or without light. Their new pearl grip profile offers easy maintenance. The contra-angle handpieces with light are fitted with two very rugged monobloc optical glass rods, specially designed to reduce the tool's shadow on the tooth to a minimum. Sterilisation in steam




MC3 micro-motors with carbon brushes with and without light


The MC3 micromotor is provided with an 11-segment commutator and a coiled rotor specially designed to operate quietly and without jolts
from 20 rpm to 40 000 rpm. It is powered by a new style hose, the 4VR 400, with short connector, rotating through 400°.
The latest-generation microprocessor control operates the motor with the best possible output, keeping it at a pleasant temperature for the practitioner.
E Standard coupling as per ISO 3964.


MC2 - Isolite 300 micromotors with carbon brushes with light


Standard torque micromotor, E standard as per ISO 3964, internal spray, with light. Rotational speeds from 60 rpm to 40 000 rpm With light bulb and switch in the motor.


Micromotor without brushes or sensors   MX - with light

The new generation MX micromotor proposed by Bien-Air offers advantages that are unique in the dental world:

Very broad speed range, from 100 rpm to 40 000 rpm.
High power at all motor speeds.
Perfectly silent and very gentle to operate.
Design without brushes and without position sensors, making the MX insensitive to fluids and sterilisable in accordance with ISO Standard 7785.
Light hose very flexible below the coupling.
Quick-connect coupling rotating over 360° on the MX motor side.
Increased manoeuvrability due to the shorter total length of the handpiece/motor/coupling assembly.
Low maintenance requirements, facilitated by use of the same lubricant as for the handpieces.
Full 24-month unconditional warranty, clearly demonstrating its qualities: long life, ruggedness and vibration-free operation.

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